Huanya Industrial Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is located in the Wuqing National Development Zone in Tianjin. It is a professional unit integrating research, development, manufacturing, sales, installation and commissioning of electric actuators. The company absorbs the advanced technologies of the same industry at home and abroad, combines the current market demand, and researches and develops high-quality products that are more suitable for market demand. Advanced ultra-large digital integrated chip, professional digital torque sensor and digital displacement sensor, Chinese and English can switch menus to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. The company's multi-turn, angular travel, linear travel intelligent electric actuators and a variety of valves supporting the composition of the implementation unit. Widely used in electric power, petroleum, coal chemical industry, natural gas, long-distance warehousing, metallurgical smelting, paper, building materials, municipal environmental protection and other vapor-liquid transmission pipeline automatic control system, both to meet the frequent adjustment control, but also to meet the intermittent control Claim.

Automatic valves are used to open and close valves by means of pneumatic, hydraulic, electromagnetic, and electrical devices. Rely on meters, electric switches, etc. to achieve remote control. Therefore, the operator should understand in detail the relevant structural features and working principles of the valve, he is familiar with the operating procedures, can operate independently, and perform emergency treatment more than in an accident.

The first failure, the valve does not pass.

The second failure, the valve through, can not afford decompression.More

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